DPtech focuses on  network security and application delivery products and solutions. Our mission is to make network simple, intelligent and secure. We provide industry-leading products and solutions and create more value for our customers and partners. DPtech is headquartered in Hangzhou. We have two R&D centers in Hangzhou and Beijing. Based on our self-owned high performance APP-X hardware platform, feature rich ConPlat OS and APP-ID signature library, we developed a complete network security and application delivery products portfolio, including Application Firewall, IPS, Bandwidth Management, Deep Packet Inspection , Web Application Firewall, Anti-DDoS, Appliction Delivery, Industrial Ethernet, Unified Management Center etc. 

The DPX8000 Series Deep Service Switch Gateway is the professional high-end network routing switches integrated the comprehensive security and application delivery features for the large-scale enterprises and ISP. The series products integrate seamlessly the comprehensive L2/L3 network features, the powerful security defense functions, professional VPN services and the deep service processing features on one single hardware platform. They can reduce the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and the deployment complexity related to basic network and security. They are an ideal high-end option of network security solution.

DPX8000 Series Deep Service Switch Gateway adopts the state-of-the-art hardware platform and architecture, achieving a leapfrog breakthrough of the security and application delivery performance. It is able to support 480 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 324 10Gigabit Ethernet ports, 20 40Gigabit Ethernet ports, 40 10Gigabit Packet over Sonet (POS) ports, which satisfies the requirements of carrier-class applications. DPX8000 hardware platform supports 10 service slots and 2 main process unit slots. Every service slot can install Firewall / SSL VPN Service Module, IPS Service Module, UAG Service Module. On the full configuration condition, the firewall performance is over 150Gbps and the IPS performance is over 60Gbps in the single DPX8000 chassis.

Advanced Platform Architecture

  • DPX8000 Series Deep Service Switch Gateway adopts the carrier-class hardware platform of DPtech. The hardware platform is based on the full-distributed architecture and full-modular design. It satisfies the requirement on the equipment wire-speed processing capability by the core enterprise users through the distributed multi-core and self-developing ASIC system
  • DPX8000 support intelligent power and environmental management, energy efficiency which based on industry green standard.
  • DPX8000 series support industry leading virtual switch clustering technology which enable multiple switches into one virtual switch, up to 4 units of DPX8000 can be virtualize.
  • DPX8000 high-speed fully distributed switching architecture support up to 2.4Tbps backplane with maximum 1152Gbps switching capability, 780Mpps packet forwarding rate. Local switching architecture support maximum 6480Gbps switching capability, 4860Mpps packet forwarding rate.

Intelligent Network Integration

  • Support static routing protocol, routing policy and policy routing
  • Support RIP v1/2, OSPF, and BGP dynamic routing protocols
  • Support 802.1Q VLAN
  • Support DHCP Client/Server/Relay
  • Support STP/RSTP/MSTP
  • Wire-speed L2/L3 forwarding