MicroMate Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 1999. With an impressive record of accomplishments, we have now gained a reputation as a renowned specialist in the field of power electronics. The features of our products are reliability, excellence and long service lifespan. We also customize our products to our clients’ needs and specifications.
At MicroMate Industries Sdn Bhd, extensive design and development (D&D) is constantly performed to ensure that we are always at the forefront of innovative developments. We utilize efficient just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-case (JIC) inventory control systems for different categories of components, which enables us to source and stock them at low costs and thus allowing our clients to benefit from affordable prices.



ZBL Series Tower

Key Feature

  • Its cutting-edge digital technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) can greatly improve the products performance and system reliability, and deliver a compact integration with higher power density;
  • Output power factor up to 0.9 - applicable to the trend of future load evolution, and deliver higher payload capacity;
  • Higher payload and overload capability, better load compatibility, and suitable for various load type;
  • Total power factor up to 90% can minimize the power loss of UPS and utilization cost for user;
  • High Scalability: fully meet the customer's demands;
  • Powerful Interference immunity capability in compliance with EMC requirements of IEC61000-4, deliver your device a clean electric environment


Flexible Configuration on Demand

  • High Scalability: fully meet the customer's demand;
  • Online Intervention: safe and online intervention without any power supply interruption to load;
  • Parallel Kit: realize the parallel extension and redundancy function offer more flexibility and safety for user's power supply planning;
  • Isolating Transformer: offer isolation protection for the user.